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Our Programs

Lead for Higher Performance:

Powered by our well proven Six-Dimensional methodology, we offer personalized individual, group and team coaching to experiential workshops for C-Suite, mid-level, women leaders, and frontline managers. Our programs are packaged to suit your business needs, development goals and time and budgets. These programs vary from a few days to a year plus. 

Some of our popular programs: 

  • C – Level Alignment
  • Women Leaders
  • First Time Leaders
  • Managing Client
  • Sales for Tech Leaders
  • Leading as a coach


Ensure M&A Success

Cultural alignment is most critical for the success of M&A. Ensure aligning two companies’ people to be aware and work with the cultural differences for a common goal. May it be within or across the border’s merger or acquisitions, we have country specific inter-culturists to cover major cultures across the globe who deploy our highly proven methodology that is refined over two decades.  We also consult for cultural due diligence and recommend learning and developmental strategies to mitigate the risks.  Some of our popular programs: 
  • Cultural Due Diligence
  • Post-merger talent integration
  • C- Level cultural alignment
  • Working with and living in Country “X”
  • Managing teams across countries

Collaborate Across Cultures

Most businesses are rapidly becoming global in their reach – customers, suppliers, workforce and partners. Leading a diverse team, managing clients in different country, or relocating to new country, our proven programs and tools assist you accelerate your learning curve and success.  Some of our popular programs: 
  • Being a global leader
  • Client communications across borders
  • Managing teams across countries
  • Negotiating across cultures
  • Relocating to different culture
  • Mobility facilitation 

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