Our Team

Dr. Rashmi

Dr. Rashmi Kapse, CEO and founder of AptCulture, has trained over 1,000 and coached over 100 leaders in diversified industries for over 20 years across the globe. Rashmi’s success mantra comes from her razor-sharp approach to understanding the client’s context and objectives and personalizing the skill development journey for the leaders. She is a mentor to many ICF certified Coaches.

  • Board of Directors at Society for Intercultural Education (https://www.sietarusa.org/bod)
  • Mentor to AISEA (https://www.aisea.co/mentors)
  • Certified for the ICEdge for leadership communication¬†
  • ICF certified global executive coach, PCC
  • Intercultural coach certified on GlobeSmart, Cultural Profile and Teaming assessment
  • Certified Business Coach


Suren Kapse, COO and co-founder of AptCulture, a business development leader, strategy consultant and executive coach, works closely with C-Suite executives from business and  talent organization leaders.  He focusses on designing the curriculum with a focus on experiential, continuous, sustainable learning by bringing in the best of the experts, coaches and facilitators. He has coached several C suite executives and mentored mid-level professionals in USA, Europe and India. 

  • ICF certified global executive coach, ACC
  • Certified Business Coach
  • Certified for TTISI‚Äôs various Sciences of assessments


A seasoned senior client engagement professional with a proven track record in leadership development sector, particularly in group and team coaching, women leaders and frontline managers’ programs.¬†

  • He is adept at collaborating with top executives, Leadership Development and HR leaders, and staff to grasp the organization’s requirements and pinpoint potential areas for advancement.¬†
  • With his exceptional relationship-building skills,¬†
  • Ram effortlessly connects with stakeholders across the entire organization to drive meaningful outcomes.


Anarkali is a Senior Program Manager, with rich experience in running leadership development programs and events for Healthcare Industry and NGOs, steering new initiatives and ensuring development.

She orchestrates the international experts, speakers, coaches and the logistics to ensure clients’ success.

  • Master’s Degree in Commerce with Management, from the University of Mumbai
  • Certification in Web Designing, Java and Corel Web Suite
  • A member of the Mgmt Committee of Snehankit Helpline for the Visually Impaired

Our Coaches


Expertise: Facilitator, Executive Trainer, Intercultural Trainer, Leadership Coach 

Country cultures: Greece, Portugal, Italy, Spain, UK and USA 

Valli specializes in post-merger talent integration and coaching executives to manage globally spread diverse teams. She has lived and worked extensively in Europe, mostly in the Finance Industry and became DNI Coach and Intercultural Specialist. 


Expertise: Facilitator and Coach, developing Frontline, Mid & Senior Managers. A Certified OD & N.E.W.S Coach 

Vinod is a veteran in leadership development and IT global delivery space with experience in over three continents. His focus is helping leaders & teams undergo deep transformation, leading to elevated performance. 


Expertise: Business Coach, Brian Tracy Trainer, Corporate Trainer Facilitator, DISC EQ Certified 

Country Cultures: Australia, Canada and USA 

Grant is global multi-award-winning Speaker, Coach & Trainer with over 25 years of extensive business leadership experience running medium and global businesses 


Expertise: Sr. Executive Coach, Behavior Consultant, DISC Certified, Collaborations Facilitator 

Seema is a human behavioral consultant, coach, and facilitator with 25+ years of diverse industry experience and specialized in women development programs 


Expertise: Executive Coach, Organizational Competency Assessment, Organizational Development Consultant 

Kala is a Senior Human Resource (HR) Professional with 25 plus years of extensive experience, in all aspects of Strategic, Tactical and Operational design of L and D programs for global organizations and for startups. 


Expertise: Diversity and Inclusion, Executive Coach, Intercultural Specialist  

Country Cultures: Poland, Australia and USA 

Brett is a cross-cultural consultant and facilitator, speaker, mentor, and coach with over two decades of experience.  


Expertise: Executive & Career Trainer, Facilitator Leadership Coach: Mentored and Coached over 70 Women Leaders in Accenture and many global corps. 

Shankar is an executive and career coach. He has coached several Executives on Value Driven Program and Service Management (VDPMS) at Accenture. 


Expertise: Communication, Sr. Executive Coaching, Les Brown Certified, ICF PCC, DISC EQ Certification 

Manju is an executive coach, facilitator and specialized in women’s leadership development programs and leading as a coach program


Expertise: Executive Coach, Intercultural Consultant, Virtual team building, inclusive leadership, diversity, equity and inclusion, executive relocation and repatriation facilitation 

Country Cultures: Europe, Scandinavia, Central America, the Middle East, South Asia and Southeast Asia 


Expertise: Intercultural Communication, Cultural Due Diligence, Strategy. 

Country Cultures: China, USA, Switzerland 

Anna is an executive coach, inter-culturist and facilitator with 20 years of experience in global B2B and B2C business development and strategy. She has extensive experience in both public and private sectors, including Fortune 500 companies and multi-generational family-owned enterprises 


Expertise –¬†Executive Coach, Leadership Facilitator & D&I Champion‚Äč

Using the art and science of coaching & facilitation in the last 20 years, Sonali has helped leaders, executives, and professionals at all levels to uncover their values, dreams, business aspirations, and career moves, with a focused eye on the business goals & current global scenario. ‚Äč


Expertise: Facilitator, Coach, Mentor, Women Leadership , NLP Practitioner, Strengths Coach 

Toshiba has over 12 years of diverse professional experience in Corporate Training, Women Leadership, Behavioral Training, Executive Coaching, HR Assessment, and Sales Training. 



Expertise –¬†Executive & Agile Coach

Sandeep has 25 years of experience in IT, working around people skills, process guidance, and public speaking. He has worked in countries such as USA, UK, France, China, Singapore, and India in varied industries


Expertise: Intercultural Communication, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Personal Transformation & Executive Coach, TTISI DISC and EQ 

Country Cultures: USA and India. 

Kavitha has almost a decade of experience in the Intercultural field, supporting Executives, their families and multi-national teams, in organizations from various industries. 

Dr. Robert

Expertise: Dr.Robert is yoga and mindfulness mentor and coach, public speaker, Author of several books on pragmatic approach to apply Yoga to corporate executives’ lives and career

He guides people to empower others to live their optimal life physically, mentally, and spiritually, as a Trainer of Yoga Therapists and Yoga Teachers. He has trained thousands of yoga teachers and yoga therapists.

Princeton, NJ, USA

Magarpatta City, Pune India


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