Success Stories

Global IT Consulting
Rising Leaders Program

A global services firm needed to prepare a team of senior managers for promotional roles quickly while maintaining their strict promotion criteria. Through stakeholder interviews and assessments using standardized tools, a 6-month leadership development program was designed and conducted with a focus on purpose-driven leadership, self and team management, coaching, and client expectations. As a result, 90% of participants exceeded the promotion criteria and were promoted to the next level. 

Global Financial Firm
Executive Coaching

A CTO was promoted to a global role in the USA, facing challenges in leading a diverse team, establishing credibility with former peers, and adapting to new business practices. A personalized coaching program was designed based on extensive interviews and assessments, covering topics such as goal-setting, work-life balance, and leading diverse teams. Over six months, the CTO demonstrated exceptional leadership, establishing trust with former peers, managing multicultural teams, and taking on additional initiatives with confidence. 

IT Consulting companies Organization Cultures
Executive Coaching

A merger between two tech companies in India with different cultures and strategies resulted in confusion and misalignment among the leadership team, affecting employee engagement and business growth. Through stakeholder interviews and assessments, customized programs were designed, including effective communication training, group training on culture, change, and communication, and 12-month executive coaching for individuals and groups. Over 12 months, the leadership became aligned with the new values and business strategy, leading to strengthened market share. 

Start-up Acquisition Success
Organizational culture

A global IT services firm acquired a start-up to retain their clients and talent, but the customer satisfaction levels dropped shortly after the acquisition due to cultural differences and insecurities among the acquired employees. The company developed tailored programs including cultural assessment, effective communication training, and coaching for leaders and mid-level employees. As a result, client escalations were addressed within 12 weeks, and the anticipated annual revenue was successfully protected. 

Cross-Border Merger Digital Marketing Co.s
Cultural Integration

A US digital transformation company acquired a Chennai-based IT consulting company, but the deal stalled due to concerns about team wellbeing and communication issues. In-depth interviews were conducted with both CEOs and assessments were conducted for leadership styles and cultural profiles. Programs were then developed, including working with India and the US, and working together on purpose-driven culture. The deal was signed within a week, with both sides declaring a win-win situation. 

Retail Fashion Brand
Organization Cultures, Outsourcing

A global luxury design house outsourced F&A processes, resulting in service disruptions and hostility between F&A and outsourcing partner teams. The root cause was a lack of effective communication due to cultural differences. Programs were crafted to bridge the cultural gap and improve communication. The intercultural coaching program brought an attitude shift and appreciation for each other’s cultures, resulting in harmonious teamwork and success of the outsourcing deal. The coaching program was instrumental in ensuring the deal’s success and addressing the challenges faced during the transition.¬†

Chemical Co.
Leading diverse teams

A chemical company merged three teams from different countries, but after 8 weeks, departmental performance was severely damaged due to cultural friction. The teams had¬†different cultural¬†backgrounds, causing delays in internal and external client deliveries and missing revenue targets. The company conducted communication and cultural alignment assessments, intercultural workshops, and one-on-one coaching for select leaders. As a result, the teams learned to appreciate each other’s communication styles, and performance, client deliveries, and revenue were restored to set target levels in three consecutive quarters.¬†

Product Company‚Äč
Value, Purpose alignment, Executive Coaching‚Äč

A company with stagnant growth despite high-quality products and a focus on employee wellbeing sought to increase sales without compromising values. Through interviews and assessments, a lack of unified focus on growth was identified. The solution included a workshop on the growth mindset, personalized action plans, and a 6-month journey with individual coaching for leaders. The company reported a 25% increase in sales after 3 quarters. 

Women Leaders
Preparing to be promoted

Our success story began with the Chamber of Commerce’s member organizations seeking to empower women leaders through a unique program. We deployed our 6-Dimensional methodology, which included self-awareness, SWOT, DISC-EQ assessments, book review, international speakers, and highly experiential learning modules. As a result, the women leaders emerged as highly driven and self-motivated leaders. Each one of them prepared an action plan for their next promotion. The positive feedback we received from member organizations led the Chamber to ask us to make this a quarterly calendar program.

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